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Holidays in a wheelchair

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De Gevonden Glimlach


Holiday home with accessible bedroom in a valley at the bottom of the Pyrenees. Read more…..

De Gevonden Glimlach

This holiday home is in an idyllic situation, in a narrow valley at the bottom of two cols in the Pyrenees, well known from the Tour de France. The garden around the house is between a fast flowing mountain stream and the only road through the valley, where you can see many cycling enthousiast, but where you can also find yourself in a traffic jam caused by cows or sheep. Only the large living room in the house is wheelchair accessible. To get in a ramp has to be placed on either side of the door, and they have to be removed each time to be able to close the door. There is another door to the terrace, but you have to cross a small metal barrier to get through these sliding doors. The kitchen is not accessible to most wheelchairs, only very narrow wheelchairs will be able to get through the door. Attached to the house but with a separate entrance is a downstairs bedroom with a small accessible bathroom. However we didn’t find this bedroom very cosy or practical, it looked more like a utility room with beds in it, and the one cupboard was already full with extra blankets and pillows so you couldn’t unpack your suitcase. It also meant that every time you wanted to go to the bedroom or the bathroom you had to get out of the front door (replace the ramp and take it away), and assistance is always needed. Apart from that the house was delightful, so was the environment, but you do need your own transport, because there are no shops nearby.

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