Let our experiences be your inspiration and see that an ‘accessible breather’ is certainly possible

Holidays in a wheelchair

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Oaklands Guesthouse


Cosy B&B on a hill just outside the centre of Weymouth. Read more…..

Oaklands Guesthouse

Cosy B&B on a hill just outside the centre of Weymouth. Here again we had a reserved parking spot in front of the front door. The very wide front door leads to a large hall and then to a small corridor. The accessible bedroom is on one side of that corridor, and the dining room on the other side. The doors to both are quite narrow. This makes turning off the corridor into either the bedroom or the dining room slightly difficult. The bedroom size is reasonable but there is not really enough room to sit. There is a shared lounge though. The bathroom was almost as large as the bedroom. It was also one of the few bathrooms where the washbasin wasn’t right next to the toilet, leaving plenty of room for transfers to and from the wheelchair. The grabrails by the toilet are not very strong. The owners are very helpful and interested to hear how they can improve the accessibility. They have looked at widening the doorways but this is not financially feasible at the moment. In the meantime they gladly accept any damage to the doorposts. They have a lot of information about accessible trips. They also have connections with a care organization to provide care if necessary. Although it is on a hill it is possible to walk into town (10-15 min). Parking facilities in town are scarce and payed, even with a blue badge.