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Holidays in a wheelchair

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Epchris House


B&B in idyllic location.

The Thornhill


Simple hotel on British Rivièra.

Epchris House

This B&B is situated on a hill just outside the town centre of Ilfracombe, a fishing village on Devon’s North Coast. The hill is so steep that you need a car to get into town. However, you do have to pay for parking even with a blue badge. There is a suite with disabled access, consisting of two adjoining rooms with a small bathroom with wetroom. The suite has it’s own entrance from the terrace. One room has a double bed, the next room a single bed. This means a carer can come along and sleep in the other room. However there is very little room around the beds in either bedroom, so manoeuvring with a wheelchair is very difficult. The bathroom is sufficient but cramped. From the terrace you get a beautiful view of the valley below and the garden, wíthe pool. However, the hill is so steep that it is difficult to reach the pool even without a wheelchair. The pool has no access. You have to cross the terrace to get to the dining room, which can be difficult when the weather isn’t too good. The reception was very friendly. The owner reserved a parking spot for us just in front of the front door. Quite useful as the path coming down from the road is quite steep too. Breakfast was lovely.

The Thornhill

This hotel is really close to the seafront and has one accessible room. The room is large with enough space around the bed to move around with the wheelchair. The bathroom however is far too small. The washbasis could just be reached, but the wheelchair had to stay in the doorway to make a transfer to the toilet. Because we only stayed here for one night we didn’t need to use the shower. It was also quite difficult to get into the hotel. There is a porch in front of the front door with one step to get into the porch, and another step to get from the porch into the hotel. Ramps were provided, but you have to turn halfway as well. After that you have to zigzag through a narrow hallway to get to the room. Zigzag back to get to the dining room. Advantage was that you could walk along the seafront to find enough places to eat in the neighbourhood.